ROXY BLUE - Roxy Blue - CD

ROXY BLUE - Roxy Blue - CD

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GENRE: Metal/Hair Band

Memphis, Tennessee hard rockers ROXY BLUE are back with their first album of new material, 27 years after their now legendary debut album, "Want Some”, which is a classic of the late ‘80s/early '90s hard rock scene. Original members Todd Poole (vocals), Josh Weil (bass), and Scotty Trammell (drums) are now joined by new guitarist Jeffrey Wade Caughron. (Original guitarist Sid "Boogie" Fletcher has left the music business for a successful career in dentistry.) Poole says: "ROXY BLUE fans can expect an explosive new album! I think the new record is definitely a different sound than the 1992 version of ROXY BLUE, but not unrecognizable. The new record is much heavier, but still has some cool ballads and hints of early ROXY in there. I feel that it's a well-balanced record."


  1. Silver Lining
  2. Rockstar Junkie
  3. Scream
  4. Collide
  5. Outta the Blue
  6. Blinders
  7. Til the Well Runs Dry
  8. Human Race
  9. How Does It Feel
  10. What It's Like
  11. Overdrive

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