THE DARK ELEMENT - Songs The Night Sings - 2xLP

THE DARK ELEMENT - Songs The Night Sings - 2xLP

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GENRE: Metal

The DARK ELEMENT is a musical project fronted by the former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon together with Finnish guitarist and songwriter Jani Liimatainen (Cain's Offering, Sonata Arctica). The combination of these two talents delivered a well received debut album that was a huge statement in the European metal scene. "Songs The Night Sings" is their much anticipated follow up. The band released two music videos and one lyric video from their debut, with the former surpassing 2M views each and the latter 1M. The single "My Sweet Mystery" is also over 1M streams on Spotify. The band played Sweden Rock and Frontiers' inaugural Frontiers Rock Sweden festivals last year with more tour dates planned for this new album cycle.


  1. Not Your Monster
  2. Songs the Night Sings
  3. When It All Comes Down
  4. Silence Between the Words
  5. Pills on My Pillow
  6. To Whatever End
  7. The Pallbearer Walks Alone
  8. Get out of My Head
  9. If I Had a Heart
  10. You Will Learn
  11. I Have to Go