BLUE OYSTER CULT - Cult Classic - 2xLP

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Cult Classic - 2xLP

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GENRE: Rock/Classic Rock

American hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult will reissue “Cult Classic” on January 24, 2020. Originally released in 1994, the album includes updated recordings of the band’s biggest hits, including such classics as "(Don't Fear) The Reaper,” "Burning for You,” “Astronomy,” and “Godzilla,” among others. This reissue is remastered and comes with updated artwork.

A widely recognized pioneer in the hard rock/heavy metal genre for their use of sci-fi and occult imagery. Blue Öyster Cult is often cited as a major influence by acts such as Metallica. 


  1. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  2. E.T.I. (Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
  3. M.E. 262
  4. This Ain't the Summer of Love
  5. Burning for You
  6. O.D.'d on Life Itself
  7. Flaming Telepaths
  8. Godzilla
  9. Astronomy
  10. Cities on Flame with Rock 'n' Roll
  11. Harvester of Eyes
  12. Buck's Boogie
  13. Don't Fear the Reaper (Tv Mix)
  14. Godzilla (Tv Mix)

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