CRAZY LIXX - Loud Minority - CD

CRAZY LIXX - Loud Minority - CD

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GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock

Swedish hard rock/metal band Crazy Lixx carry the torch of classic rock ‘n’ roll with great pride. Formed in 2002 by singer Danny Rexon, the band has been enthralling crowds with their unique brand of 80’s influenced hard rock steadily for years now. Noted as one of the last bands standing from the ‘The New Wave of Swedish Sleaze’ scene, Crazy Lixx are pioneers of Sweden’s rock music scene in their own right.

After cutting their teeth in the local scene and releasing a few singles, Crazy Lixx released their debut album “Loud Minority” for a local label, Swedmetal Records. The album soon became an underground classic in the sleaze/glam rock scene, thus creating an underground phenomenon. Soon after that buzz started, the original guitar player Vic Zino decided to leave Crazy Lixx and join Hardcore Superstar. After rebuilding the band around the new guitar player Andy Zata (a/k/a Andreas Eriksson, now guitar player with British hard rock sensations Inglorious) Crazy Lixx signed with the Frontiers label and gained international exposure with their second album, “New Religion”.

The equally successful “Riot Avenue” came in 2012, seeing the addition of a second guitar player, Edd Liam and a busy international tour schedule commenced. Crazy Lixx then released two more very successful studio records, “Crazy Lixx” (2014) and “Ruff Justice” (2017) (with a live album, “Sound Of The LIVE Minority”, in between), and continue to deliver energetic live performances across Europe and are already working on a new album (their sixth) planned for release in the second half of 2019 on Frontiers. While waiting for the new album, the band and Frontiers decided it was finally time to properly reissue the band’s debut album, adding seven bonus tracks. At the same time, the first – long out-of-print - two releases for the Frontiers label, “New Religion” and “Riot Avenue” are being reissued with the addition of bonus material too. For the first time, those releases will also be made available on limited vinyl editions too.

Whether you have discovered this band through their placamento on the hit video game “Friday the 13th” or possibly in the last 5 years by word of mouth, you just cannot miss the opportunity to add some true hard rock/metal jewels to your collection!


  1. Hell or High Water
  2. Dr Hollywood
  3. Want It
  4. Love on the Run
  5. Make Ends Meet
  6. Death Row
  7. Heroes Are Forever
  8. Do or Die
  9. Pure Desire
  10. Boneyard
  11. The Gamble
  12. Bad in a Good Way (Bonus Track)
  13. No Guts, No Glory (Bonus Track)
  14. Do or Die (Bonus Track - 2005 Single Version)
  15. Dr Hollywood (Bonus Track - 2013 Country Version)
  16. Death Row (Bonus Track - Demo Version)
  17. Bad in a Good Way (Bonus Track - Demo Version)
  18. Love on the Run (Bonus Track - Demo Version)

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