DREAM CHILD - Until Death Do We Meet Again - CD

DREAM CHILD - Until Death Do We Meet Again - CD

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GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock

A brand new band featuring legends of the hard rock/heavy metal scene; Craig Goldy: Guitars (ex-Dio, Giuffria) Wayne Findlay: Guitars and Keyboards (ex- MSG), Simon Wright: Drums (ex-AC/DC, Dio, Operation: Mindcrime), Rudy Sarzo: Bass (ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio), Diego Valdez: Vocals (Helker)

Craig Goldy says, "During the very first public memorial for our most beloved Ronnie James Dio, I had mentioned that whenever I do start writing original material again that I would utilize everything that I had learned from working side by side with the Master for so many years in such a way that I would hope to make him proud....and here it is! The name is inspired by one of his lyrics on the "Dream Evil" album and the nickname he gave me at the time, Dream Child!

This album will bring back memories of the days most people have thought were long gone and never to return, yet it is also new and fresh enough to be unique with some unexpected twists and turns.


  1. Under the Wire
  2. You Can't Take Me Down
  3. Games of Shadows
  4. It is What It Is
  5. Playing with Fire
  6. Light of the Dark
  7. Midnight Song
  8. Until Death Do We Meet Again
  9. Washed Upon the Shore
  10. In a World so Cold
  11. Weird World
  12. One Step Beyond the Grave

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