GRAHAM BONNET BAND - Meanwhile, Back In The Garage - CD+DVD

GRAHAM BONNET BAND - Meanwhile, Back In The Garage - CD+DVD

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GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock

Graham Bonnet is a hard rock legend with a pedigree to back that statement up. His stints with Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz, and Impellitteri prove he is one of the finest rock vocalists of his generation. Fresh off a stint with Michael Schenker Fest, Graham is preparing to return with a new Graham Bonnet Band album, “Meanwhile, Back In The Garage”. Crafted with Kurt James on guitar (Joey Tafolla performs all rhythm and lead guitars on this album except for track 3, which was performed by Kurt James), Beth-Ami Heavenstone on bass, Jimmy Waldo on keyboards, and Mark Benquechea on drums, “Meanwhile, Back In The Garage” sees Bonnet showing why he has been and still is one of the premiere vocalists in hard rock!


  1. Meanwhile, Back In The Garage
  2. The Hotel
  3. Livin’ In Suspicion
  4. Incest Outcest U.S.A.
  5. Long Island Tea
  6. The House
  7. Sea Of Trees
  8. Man On The Corner
  9. We Don’t Need Another Hero
  10. America…Where Have You Gone?
  11. Heading Toward The Light
  12. Past Lives
  13. The Crying Chair
  14. Starcarr Lane (Live From Daryl’s House 2018)

DVD (Live From Daryl’s House 2018)

  1. Night Of The Shooting Star (Intro)
  2. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live
  3. All Night Long
  4. Night Games
  5. California Air
  6. God Blessed Video
  7. Stand In Line
  8. Island In The Sun
  9. Desert Song
  10. Starcarr Lane
  11. Jet To Jet
  12. O.S.
  13. Into The Night
  14. Samurai
  15. Skyfire
  16. Since You Been Gone
  17. Assault Attack
  18. Eyes Of The World
  19. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  20. Lost In Hollywood

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