GROUNDBREAKER - Groundbreaker - CD

GROUNDBREAKER - Groundbreaker - CD

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GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock

Groundbreaker is the new musical project featuring singer Steve Overland (FM) and Robert Sall (Work of Art, W.E.T). The resulting self/titled debut album is simply everything that a Melodic Rock fan would hope and dream of: expect nothing else than soaring hooklines, magnificent melodies and amazing instrumental performances.

Mixing the British and Swedish melodic rock traditions, Groundbreaker is truly the best of both worlds and one of the highlights of the entire Melodic Rock season!

"I’m the main composer for about half of the songs but Ale and Steve wrote a lot as well,” tells Robert Sall. “I had to write songs with Steve´s voice in mind and that was new and very inspiring to me. But for any fan of FM or Work of Art, I think they will be very familiar with the sound of this record!"


  1. Over My Shoulder
  2. Will It Make You Love Me
  3. Eighteen Til I Die
  4. Only Time Will Tell
  5. Tonight
  6. Standing up for Love
  7. Something Worth Fighting For
  8. The Sound of a Broken Heart
  9. First Time
  10. The Days of Our Life
  11. The Way It Goes

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