THE TREATMENT - Power Crazy - CD

THE TREATMENT - Power Crazy - CD

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GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock

"Power Crazy” is the fourth full length album from British hard rockers The Treatment. Showing a sonic power coupled with an insane taste for infectious riffs, The Treatment is firing on all cylinders to conquer the world with their slice of no frills Hard Rock.

A quick listen will instantly reveal the essential ingredients of a classic album. "Power Crazy” truly is Hard Rock music at its absolute best.

“Power Crazy” is The Treatment’s first album featuring new singer Tom Rampton. With his raspy voice reminiscent of the classic Bon Scott tone, you can stay assured he knows how to ride high on the guitar attack from the two guitarists Tao and Tagore Grey.

“We believe this record is a strong statement from the band and we look forward to play the new songs live. We will be touring throughout 2019 and we look forward to seeing all you Treatment troops at our shows next year” says the band….

Better be there and get ready to rock!


  1. Let's Get Dirty
  2. Rising Power
  3. On the Money
  4. Bite Back
  5. Luck of the Draw
  6. Hang Them High
  7. Scar with Her Name
  8. King of the City
  9. Waiting for the Call
  10. Laying It Down
  11. The Fighting Song
  12. Falling Down

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