TORA TORA - Bastards Of Beale - LP

TORA TORA - Bastards Of Beale - LP

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GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock

TORA TORA is an American hard rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The actual origin of the band name was a reference to the song of the same name recorded by Van Halen on their 1980 release "Women and Children First".

TORA TORA started out as a local garage band then eventually got studio time when they won a local Battle of the Bands contest. Following this, the band recorded To Rock To Roll as an independent EP. After its release the songs "Phantom Rider" and "Love's A Bitch" received extensive airplay on local radio station Rock 98.

After signing with A&M Records, they recorded their debut album "Surprise! Attack" in 1989. This album charted on Billboard's Top 200 at No. 47 and featured the singles "Walkin' Shoes" and "Guilty." The single "Dancing With a Gypsy" was on the soundtrack for the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure later that year.

In 1992, their second album, "Wild America", featured singles "Amnesia" and "Faith Healer." A third album, "Revolution Day", was recorded in 1994, but it was never released due to label restructuring. The band went on hiatus.

In 2008, all four original band members reunited to do several performances. One was a sold-out performance at Newby's, a local club in Memphis, to celebrate their 20th anniversary of receiving their recording contract. After the show, a record was sold to fans which included songs from their first two albums and material slated for their unreleased "Revolution Day" album. The album was titled "The Warehouse... 20 Years Later". The second occurred during Rocklahoma 2008. The band played another reunion show at The New Daisy Theatre on March 7, 2009, in Memphis.

Since the reunion, TORA TORA released three albums: "Before & After", "Bombs Away: The Unreleased Surprise Attack Recordings", and "Miss B. Haven': The Unreleased Wild America Recordings”. In 2017 the band was approached by Frontiers about doing a proper new record and they enthusiastically jumped on the opportunity! The resulting new album “Bastards of Beale” brings back the magic of the band’s Blues-rooted Hard Rock sound.

TORA TORA is nothing but pure Rock and Roll bliss.


  1. Sons Of Zebedee
  2. Giants Fall
  3. Everbright
  4. Silence The Sirens
  5. Son Of A Prodigal Son
  6. Lights Up The River
  7. Let Us Be One
  8. All Good Things
  9. Rose Of Jericho
  10. Vertigo
  11. Bastards Of Beale

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