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KIKIMORA - For A Broken Dime - CD

KIKIMORA - For A Broken Dime - CD

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GENRE: Hard Rock

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of prog rockers Kikimora to the label for the release of their upcoming album "For A Broken Dime" on July 7, 2023. Kikimora was founded in 2011 by guitarist Nikolo Kotzev (who also founded Brazen Abbot) after moving back to his home country of Bulgaria. His vision was to create a band with a contemporary sound and approach, but also built on classic rock traditions. This vision and his subsequent recruitment of a stellar cast of players has resulted in a band that delivers modern, heavy, and melodic rock performed with a high level of musicianship. 

At their onset, Kikimora concentrated their efforts on live performances, performing original music, as well as covers, sung in their native language.

With time, the band began working on collaborations with the National Opera Theatres in Bulgaria, making a series of cross-over performances featuring musical tributes and original music. The band also played, and greatly enjoyed, a number of shows with guest vocalists, including legendary names like Jörn Lande, Joe Lynn Turner, and Doogie White. 

In 2015, the band released their debut album of original material and continued playing live gigs, mostly large outdoor shows, many of which took place with orchestras and choirs. Their live shows quickly became an unforgettable celebration for the audience and Kikimora rapidly became one of the most popular bands in Bulgaria, garnering lots of media interest and quite a few TV and radio appearances.

In 2021, they released their first English language album, “Dirty Nails” which brought them some well-deserved and well-earned international recognition. Unfortunately, shortly after releasing “Dirty Nails”, the bands recording studio was struck by a devastating fire, which delayed their planned productions by a few months.

Now, back on track, Kikimora returns with their new album “For A Broken Dime”. The band remains true to their main philosophy: spectacular musicianship, dressed in a contemporary sound, production, and approach. The band puts an emphasis on the melodic songs, which in many cases can even be called AOR, despite their heavier than usual sound. Regardless of how you want to label their music, fans of melody and high-level musicianship will find much to be delighted with here.


  1. Bound For Destruction
  2. Spell Of Love
  3. Fear And Greed
  4. Edge Of Freedom
  5. Have Mercy On Me
  6. Hit & Run
  7. For A Broken Dime
  8. Father To Son
  9. I Am Eternity
  10. Nightmare

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