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GENRE: Melodic Metal

In 2021, THE GRANDMASTER burst onto the melodic metal scene, marking the extraordinary collaboration between Jens Ludwig, an exceptional guitarist renowned for his work with Edguy in the power metal realm, and Brazilian singer Nando Fernandes. Conceived by Frontiers President and A&R director, Serafino Perugino, THE GRANDMASTER introduced a formidable fusion of robust and melodious metal, offering a fresh perspective on traditional German power metal with a profound emphasis on melody.

In their pursuit of further refining the project, especially in the context of live performances, they welcomed Danish vocalist Peer Johansson to their ranks. Peer, celebrated for his contributions to bands like Fate, Ureas, and Pentakill, possesses vocals characterized by warmth and an impressive vocal range, drawing comparisons to titanic voices such as Jorn Lande, Udo, and the high-pitched stylings of Rob Halford. The album exudes infectious grooves, putting on display Ludwig's exceptional guitar prowess, rhythmic riffs, captivating guitar solos, and a stellar vocal performance by one of the genre's hidden gems. 

Guided by the talented Alessandro Del Vecchio, who made significant contributions to the album's superb production, The Grandmaster's latest release is a dynamic, guitar-driven, and thoroughly captivating metal album.


1. Black Sun
2. Watching the End
3. While the Sun Goes Down
4. Learn to Forgive
5. Heaven’s Calling
6. Something More
7. Fly, Icarus Fly
8. I’m Alive
9. What We Can Bear
10. Soul Sacrifice
11. Into the Dark

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